New Super Nintendo World video shows what's in the pipeline

We've been hearing various bits and pieces about upcoming theme park Super Nintendo World for some time - but something I really wasn't expecting was a Galantis and Charli XCX crossover music video, which is exactly what we got earlier this morning.

Thanks to a press event in Japan, we've now been treated to another glimpse of the theme park, along with a few more details on what you can expect on a trip there. A lot of mushrooms, I think.

Originally announced by Universal Studios back in 2014, Super Nintendo World will house attractions such as a Mario Kart ride and an omnimover-style ride called Yoshi's Adventures. While I doubt the finished product will look exactly like the video when it opens in Japan this summer, it's safe to say there'll be a lot of Marios - at least until the Donkey-Kong themed area opens in 2021 to balance out the ratio.

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