This crowd-designed display aims to beat our best gaming monitor

How do you design a gaming monitor? If you're one of the big gaming brands on the market, you rely on an internal team of designers, engineers and marketeers to devise a winning combination of specs and features wrapped up in the right marketing lingo. Finnish tech startup Eve is doing things differently with their Spectrum gaming monitor, relying on the wisdom of a few thousand tech enthusiasts in its community to decide nearly every aspect of the final creation. Now, after six months of deliberations on the feature set, design and specifications, the major decisions have been made and this crowd-designed gaming monitor looks exciting.

One of the most important decisions for anyone designing a gaming monitor is choosing the panel that lies at the heart of the system, a task Eve community members accomplished back in April. They opted for the same 2560x1440 144Hz Nano IPS panel which debuted in the LG 27GL850, our current pick for the best gaming monitor on the market.

The draw of this particular panel is that it has lower pixel response times than earlier IPS models, so fast-moving objects (like enemies in a multiplayer shooter) will appear clearly without smearing or overshoot artefacts. That's a big technological accomplishment that makes this panel a canny choice for gaming, while still offering the wide viewing angles and excellent colour accuracy IPS panels are known for. Of course, LG's monitor is already on the market and the likes of Acer, Lenovo and ViewSonic have already announced their own monitors using the same tech, so how will the Spectrum set itself apart?

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