February 2019

Brutal Lovecraft-inspired RPG Darkest Dungeon is getting a sequel

Developer Red Hook Studios has announced that it's working on a sequel to its brilliant but brutal Lovecraft-inspired RPG, Darkest Dungeon.

The original game released in 2016, and tasked players with exploring numerous trap-infested environs, seeking out riches, and battling - in time-honoured turn-based fashion - a relentless procession of cosmic horrors. Each encounter with the unknown would send adventurers in a party to the brink of madness, eventually lumbering them with (usually) negative quirks and making future excursions that much harder.

As a result, downtime in between missions became a game of party management, hiring fresh faces or making use of local amenities - be they the brothel or local chapel - to hopefully mitigate the adverse effects suffered by more experienced, and thus more powerful, adventurers. The balancing act between deeper exploration and hero preservation was never less than stressful.

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